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On truckforarutbildning.nu you will find information on what is needed and what you will have to do to take a forklift license in Sweden.

This site is mainly aiming towards the swedish speaking population, although through demand we have translated and are still translating the material to english. Be aware that we are swedish speaking people which have translated the texts, with that said some errors and not correct sentence may occur. We apologize in advance for this.

Forklift education

You dont need any certain pre-education like normal school grades to go through a forklift education. If you can read, understand and handle the forklift as required you have all the fulfilments that is needed. The only thing required is that you are at least 18 years of age. You dont need to have a car driving license or any other license.

The education

Let your company pay the education

If you are working at a company that uses forklifts on a daily basis, most certain you are able to get a free education through your company. If they feel the need for you to have and perform tasks including a forklift they need to educate you.

Pay for your own education

If you are looking for work as a forklift driver, your chances will increase that you will get such a job if you have the proper forklift education before you search the job.

About the education

The education is normally three days long, where theory and practical driving of the forklift is included. The forklift license you get after you have past the education exams is generally accepted throughout the whole EU.


A forklift driver in Sweden without any experience and with an age of 18 year have approximately 17 500 swedish crowns in salary. That is in todays (when written) exchange 1996 USD or 1288 pounds.

If you are 24 years of age you will approximately have 20 000 swedish crowns. That is in todays (when written) exchange 2281 USD or 1472 pounds.

This is approximately salaries in Sweden. If you are able to work in Norway the salary will increase further.

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